City of Art and Culture

Our farm is located a few kilometers from the beautiful city of Ferrara center, UNESCO heritage city since 1995 between Bologna and Ravenna.

In the ‘city of bicycles’ you can visit the Diamond Palace and the National Gallery, Ferrara Cathedral and the adjacent Trento e Trieste Square, Ariostea Square, the Charterhouse with the monumental tomb of Boldini, the Massari Park, but also Palazzo Schifanoia, the Basilica of Santa Maria in Vado, or that of St. Benedict or St. George.

The greatest peak among all the beauties of Ferrara is the Estense Castle with its moat still full of water that comes straight from the branches of the Po River.

Moving to the Ferrara countryside between the Po River and the Rhine River, you will discover other Este Delights, the residences that the Este family built on the whole territory of the Ferrara province.

Some of them are only a few kilometers from the agritourism, such as the Verginese Delight and the Belriguardo.

Going towards the sea, you should definitely visit the city of Comacchio, the 7 Ferrara lidos, Pomposa and its Abbey.

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