Ferrara just good food as it once was

We produce the typical Ferrara salami as it once was according to tradition and the recipes that our family has been handed down from generation to generation.

The queen of our table, Salama da Sugo, through the Ferrara salami with Voghiera DOP Garlic, garlic sauce to bacon, everything is produced from meat breeding at our agricultural company in the central heart of Ferrara province, a few minutes away from the city and the Po Delta, UNESCO world heritage.

In our Alla Strozza agritourism in Gualdo, Ferrara, you can enjoy the flavors of Ferrara cuisine as Cappellacci with pumpkin, the Somarino, Ferrarese bread (called ‘Coppia’) or our delicious Tenerina cake.

Our province is generous of worldwide products recognized as a high-quality and authentic flavors. The menu’s offer of our Agritourism Restaurant will not be missed, following the seasonality to offer dishes and pairings with the 17 pearls of Ferrara such as the Ferrara Coppia (IGP, Protected Geographical Identification), the famous bread at the international level, the Emilia Romagna Pear (IGP), the Peach and the nectarine of Romagna (IGP), the asparagus of Altedo (IGP) and the wines of Eliceo Forest (DOC), the Goro clam, the Ferrara watermelon, the Emilia melon, the carrot of the Ferrara Delta, the Salama da Sugo or the Ferrara Salamina, the Ferrara ‘Zia’ (garlic salami), the Po Delta rice, the Voghiera Garlic, the Ferrara Cappellacci with pumpkin, the Pampapato/Pampepato of Ferrara.

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